Cottage on the hills of the Aso river valley with 22ha

codice: 907

This cottage is build in the municipality of Carassai, a little town in the southern of Marche region in the province of Ascoli Piceno, with many beautiful details and the ancient oaks that guard it like two strutting soldiers.
The view towards the surrounding hills and the medieval town of Carassai, Petritoli and Monterubbiano is splendid. Thanks to its excellent position, in the morning you can enjoy sunrise over the sea: the sun rising from the water is a unique spectacle; while in the evening the sunset hides the sun behind the mountains of the Monti Sibillini .
The property costs of a farmhouse of 370 square meters (to be able to expand, at the time of restoration, up to 450) and of the surrounding land of 21.5 hectares . 22 football pitches... the ideal condition for creating your own farm ; with enough space to live and work in a long and enchanting place that welcomes tourists all year round, booming towards rural tourism. This is the ideal place for your dream of becoming organic farmers, planting your vineyards or having fresh pastures for your horses or your livestock.
Book a visit: your dreams may find full realization here . We are sure that this property, and these places, will amaze you.

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