18 years of living in the Marche, what a wonderful time

With us enthusiasm is meeting  intuition and expertise.

My family and I are living in this wonderful part of the Marche since the year 2000 and have been received with open arms by the local population. During those past years we have learned to appreciate and estimate the people as well as the region in all her different aspects. It has become our second homeland.
I am convinced that this beautiful experience we had could also be lived by so many others. It is so easy to fall in love with this little part of the world, so rich in culture and traditions and characterized with an enchanting and very varied landscape, and its inhabitants.

I founded "La tua Casa" to assist and support everyone who wants to find or build the house of his dreams
in this extraordinary region
. With this purpose, in 2001, la tua casa has been created. From the very beginning it revealed to be a successful real estate and counselling agency. My target was and still is to support, on the spot, everyone who wants to create his personal "little heaven on earth" in the Marche Region. To offer an all-round service and to create a team of competent and reliable professionals and consultants united under the label “la tua casa”. The aim of this team, as of me, is also to protect, to save and to preserve the Marchigian architectural and crafts traditions.

We do this with a German accuracy and an Italian enthusiasm. The cocktail of those two characteristics is the recipe of our success. Today, after all this years, we can rely on a broad know how of the different professionals and consultants. This expertise is exactly what you are looking for.

Looking forward to meeting you
Yours faithfully

Franz-Josef Wagner
- La tua Casa Immobiliare - 
Marche Immobili Consluting