Would you like to have someone to organize it all for you?

You can have it!

Don't get scared or impressed by abandoned and desolate ruins.


We will do the planning of the most beautiful house together with you. We respect the old charm and character of the property without getting old fashioned. Making a well-balanced combination of old and new materials and elements we achieve to create a place where you can feel comfortable and at your ease.


We will have extended conversations about your wishes and your ideas and listen to all the questions you might have. We will make you some propositions in accordance with what we discussed previously and this as well for the inner as for the outer part of the property.

We will present you the technical plans of the project in such way that you don´t need to have an architectural degree to be able to read and understand them.

The goal of each of our projects is to create a house with a character that is as individual as you are and should be equipped with all the modern comfort and technique one can expect nowadays.

Due to our technical expertise and our profound and thorough knowledge of the local real estate market we are in the possibility to go beyond the "standard" level for not much more as a "standard" price. It is clear that these "out of standard" solutions bring a real added value to your property in addition to the particular and individual charm. .

This is not just the case for restauration and renovation, but also for new build projects.

Involved, passionate, diligent, thoroughly and determined Typical for Germans and Italians