Build and renovate with experienced professionals - La Tua Casa

 Would you like to have someone to organize it all for you?

You can have it!
Restoring or building with qualified partners.
We are glad when you carry on dreaming, inspired by what is being created step by step, and feel well at the end with the finished project.
You should feel a great joy and pride at the sight of your property.
Proven craftsmanship and tradition, modern technologies, passion, intelligence and specialist knowledge but also honesty and reliability are the guarantees to achieve the realization of your "dream house" in the Marche together with La Tua Casa.
That's the reason why our partners commit themselves in an Involved, passionate, diligent, thoroughly and determined way: From the very beginning our clients have been informed clearly and detailed about the overall costs to expect related to the required and desired services. Fixed price houses are another possibility we can offer.
Get some more information about building, restoring, techniques, contracts, specifications etc... In the section "What we realise".
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