very well preserved country house - with 2 ha of land

codice: 867

The well-preserved country house from 1920 is situated on a sunny slope near the village of Petritoli. The walls completely in Mattoni, the typical brick of the Marches, is very well preserved and can be transformed with the necessary restoration, to a real dream country house.
The layout of the rooms of the beautiful farmhouse is classic: the basement was used as a storage area and for the animals. The upper floor was inhabited by the people who spent their lives cultivating the surrounding land. The total living area of 220 square metres can be increased to approx. 290 square metres during the restoration using "piano casa", so that a lot of space can be created for feeling good all of your familiy. For all questions around the restoration of this dream house we stand with our German - Italian team with competence and passion to you aside, if you wish that.
Your privacy of your Italian country life is guaranteed by the 2 ha of land belonging to the house and there is enough space for your pool.
Petritoli is a lively community with small bars and tasty Ristorantis, but also supermarket, alimentari and pharmacy, here you will find everything you need for daily life. The old Borgo is situated on a hill of 300m and offers a 360 degree view over the endless green hills of the southern Marche.
Arrange your personal viewing appointment and you will be sure to be thrilled when you turn onto the small driveway. We look forward to seeing you!

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